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For its self-driving cars, Google would like a 14nm or 16nm chip that can do 50 trillion math calculations a second theregister.co.uk/2016/08/24/goo… The Register
It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state. - Bruce Schneier Tech-FAQ
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Share it here,FB, text your friends. Call your mom. Let's get people to understand #TPP.#NoTPP pic.twitter.com/tXUK7TPbsy #TYTlive @LeeCamp Donald
Verifying myself: I am mremmy on Keybase.io. oRoFpWl-LJIwEuUBpG-wc109P6CgbkA6hvEn / keybase.io/mremmy/sigs/oR… Marcel Remmy ▲
Thank you for suggestions. I've narrowed down my options to Dxracer & Herman Miller. I ❤️ this comic via @gerzic pic.twitter.com/RGdGKJARdq nixCraft #
Die Aggregation der eigenen Entscheidungen am Ende des Tests sind ... überraschend: moralmachine.mit.edu Teddai
Dreaming of an alternate reality where things are mostly the same except I chose the right abstractions. pic.twitter.com/d97SS8UrC8 The Practical Dev
rufus.akeo.ie is a nice tool to set up USB sticks from an ISO file. #rufus Marcel Remmy ▲
When your brain is done for the day but your work day isn't pic.twitter.com/tFX1Dzh1Cq The Practical Dev
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Heroes don't wear capes, they hang out on Stack Overflow and tell you how to regex, possibly while wearing capes. pic.twitter.com/s26PnrOsns The Practical Dev
mini-tor: proof-of-concept implementation of tor protocol using Microsoft CryptoAPI github.com/wbenny/mini-tor Nicolas Krassas
HUGE NEWS!!! Grav v1.1 (stable) has been released along side Admin Plugin v1.1 and many other plugin/theme updates getgrav.org/blog/grav-1.1-… Grav
Habt ihr das Buch "Daemon" gelesen? Von Daniel Suarez?Da geht es unter anderem um eine Art kybernetische Utop... bit.ly/29XuX54 Fefe's BIog
#PrivacyShield – Keine rechtmäßige, vertrauenswürdige und wirksame Grundlage für transatlantische Datenflüsse. pic.twitter.com/15OIIjSzAZ DigitaleGesellschaft
Traktor Mapping macht wieder Spass: #cmdr cmdr.codeplex.com open source TSI Editor für Windows @cmdoneright Marcel Remmy ▲
pic.twitter.com/QhoXtT1SA8 SciencePorn 🚀
Windows. Spaß für die ganze Familie! support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/276304 pic.twitter.com/Ya3fYGc4AG Julian
SyntaxDB – Quickly look up syntax for programming languages syntaxdb.com Hacker News